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Double the Shroom

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Double the Shroom Breast Expansion

So this one was a request for Peach, but rather than going back to the drawing board, I decided to adapt an old image I had created of said character a number of years ago. Putting them side by side it’s nice to see some improvement in style… and the animation is a nice touch too :)

Hypnotic Breast Expansion

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Hypnotic Breast Expansion

She continued staring straight into your eyes. The trance was holding and those books on hypnotism were making quick progress towards being the single best purchase of your life. The command you gave was simple yet powerful… “grow”. The expanding spectacle should have been and eyeful for even the prudest of vicars… yet strangely you find your eyes locked squarely on her’s. As her bosom continues its determined march towards you the slightest pangs of concern enter your mind. The concern grows as you see a hint of a smile reach the corner of her mouth. Barely audibly she whispers back at you a single word that hits you like a hammer – “Grow.”



The pills were working…

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The pills were breast expansionThe pills were definitely working… but Karen couldn’t help but shake the thought that after each growth spurt her vocabulary seemed to be that much smaller. Previously known words just wouldn’t come naturally and in their place there was a new unsettling urge to simply… giggle.


Thanks to snapplepapple for the for the AE script.